Black chandelier earrings for wedding invitation may be made of some precious and luxurious materials such as crystal, gold, diamond, emerald, opal, pearl and many more. The design of chandelier earring is actually equal as like dazzling earrings. It has long dazzle part to allow it hanging elegantly from your ears. Well, black crystal seems perfect stone idea for this wedding invitation whether it is for guest o bride itself. The sparkle characteristic of the crystal makes the black earrings bright under the light. And it is very stunning and eye catching indeed.

Black Chandelier Earrings for Wedding Invitation Ideas

Besides knowing the best project of black crystal application on the black chandelier earrings for wedding invitation, we should also know about some design ideas of it. It seems imperative to be your wedding fashion inspiration next time. The first chandelier earring set is made of white gold and diamond grains. It is not in black actually, but there is little dark accent on certain parts of the earrings. This pair of earrings has two to three inches of length. It means it will hang elegantly from your ears and a half way above shoulders. As like usual chandelier earrings, this white gold dazzling earrings are very amazing in design. From the top, the clip is decorated by a big diamond grain. And there is slim dazzling hardware which connects a rhomboid gold with diamond under it. The same slim hardware is used to connect the rhomboid gold to three dazzling tear drop shaped diamonds as last embellishment.

Black Chandelier Earrings for Wedding Invitation Pictures

Black Chandelier Earrings for Wedding Invitation Images

Another design idea of the black chandelier earrings for wedding invitation comes in black scheme. It is made of black crystal with sparkling surface on it. The black earrings are designed with three levels of embellishment. The first level consists of a small rhomboid crystal, while the second and third level consists of more crystals. The final shape of this chandelier earrings set is a pyramid in dazzling concept. There are some tiny diamond grains between the black crystals. The diamond grains are functional to give sparkling accent when they are spotlighted by lighting. To match this earrings concept, it is better for you to wear similar styled jewelries such as necklace, bracelet and ring.

Black Chandelier Earrings for Wedding Invitation Styles

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